The Kids of Jenin Camp is a feature documentary following the lives of 10 boys and girls as they grow up in Jenin Refugee Camp in northern Palestine.

For the last 8 years, we’ve documented the kids from age 9 until 18 as they grow up, how their dreams evolve, their stories unfold, and their life’s challenges.

Boys quit school at age 13 since, to them, there is no point or reason. Girls grow into young ladies who are no longer able to play outside after school. And nightly gunfire and raids by the army send these young kids into shock and terror; not knowing what they’ll find when they wake up the next morning.

In Kids of Jenin Camp we seek to show the atmosphere of life in the camp:

-How does the endless noise affect the people here?

-How is it living in a place so tight and packed together with people?

-What is it like to grow up as a refugee in your own country?

-What does a “childhood” look like for these kids?

-What kind of future and dreams are within reach?