“Kids of Jenin Camp: growing up a refugee in Palestine”

Article by Carolina Franco, February 19, 2018

The year 2002 marked the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with constant attacks, including the massacre in the Jenin refugee camp. With houses burned, refugees imprisoned, deaths and disappearances, chaos settled. It was in the middle of this scenario that, in the years that followed, there were 10 children (among many others) who today tell their story to Ismael Jabarine, a Palestinian director living in Hamburg, for his documentary: Kids of Jenin Camp. Exclusively for the Culture and Art Community, he shares what moves him and what his expectations are in what is his greatest project so far.

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Inside Jenin Refugee Camp

Article by Justin King, October 7, 2015

Ever wonder what it’s really like inside a Palestinian refugee camp? One documentary filmmaker wants to show you through the eyes of ten children. His plan is to show us the lives of five boys and five girls living in Jenin. The film will document them for eight years.

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Through These Small Eyes

Article by Michaela Whitton, April 12, 2015

Photo by Michaela Whitton

Filmmaker and author Ismael Jabarine is making a documentary following the lives of children in Jenin refugee camp, northern Palestine, the scene of the brutal  invasion by the Israeli Army in 2002. Filmed over eight years, Jabarine’s film will document the effects of trauma and chronic living conditions on ten children from the ages of 10 through to 18.

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