The Team

Ismael Jabarine

Director and Filmmaker

Ismael Jabarine is a freelance journalist and author living in Hamburg, Germany. Ismael was born and raised in Umm Al-Fahem, Palestine before moving to Germany when he was only 18-years-old.  He began his career as a radio reporter for the German International Broadcaster, “Deutsche Welle” and since then, has had the chance to work for different German broadcasting media such as “Spiegel TV and “DOC Station Production Company.” In 2005, Ismael moved back to Palestine to work as a correspondent for the German News Agency, “DPA.” Between 2011 and 2013, he then worked as the Artistic Director for “Cinema Jenin.” While living in Jenin, he met and filmed the kids living in the Jenin Refugee Camp which has then grown into his life project, the “Kids of Jenin Camp” long-term documentary.

Antonia Traulsen



Antonia Traulsen was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. She studied German Literature, History and Cultural Sciences in Hamburg and Berlin. Since 2012, she works as a freelance director and producer. In 2013, she premiered her first independent feature-length documentary film, ABSENT PRESENT, as a co-director and producer along with Claire Roggan. In 2015, Claire Roggan and Antonia Traulsen founded the NEUE UFER FILMPRODUKTION for documentary films and formats. Their current projects THE LAST ONE OUT TURNS OFF THE LIGHTS and WIR ALLE DAS DORF received grants and are funded by German public film funds. Antonia is working as a co-producer for “The Kids of Jenin Camp.”

Alena Jabarine



Alena Jabarine is a freelance reporter for television, radio, online and print. She works for the German news programs, “Panorama 3,” “NDR Info” and ZEIT ONLINE. Alena was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany where she studied political science. Later, she moved to Barcelona, where she got a Masters in International Relations. In 2013, she volunteered at Norddeutscher Rundfunk and since then has worked as a radio reporter for “NDR Info” as well as for the television magazine “Panorama.” In 2016, she was awarded the Kurt Magnus Prize for her reporting following refugees through the Baltic countries to Germany.  Alena is supporting “The Kids of Jenin Camp” documentary as a co-producer.

Cecelia Jabarine-Marshall

Communications & Social Media Manager

Cecelia Jabarine-Marshall was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, USA. She studied Journalism and International Studies at the University of Arizona. While living in Arizona, she reported for “The Arizona Daily Star”, “El Independiente” magazine and NPR-Affiliate, “AZPM.” In 2013, Cecelia moved to Cambodia where she worked for three years as a reporter covering Environment, Business and Culture. She completed her Masters in Migration and Intercultural Relations and specialized in Applied Theatre with youth refugees which has led her around the world working with various groups in theatre, film, and performance as well as directing productions in schools and theatre groups.